In-warranty repairs

Apple offers a 12-month warranty on every new product purchased, no matter where you buy it. Devices purchased in Poland and abroad are covered by Apple/manufacturer's warranty. as Apple Authorized Premium Service Provider offers warranty services for the product family: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Nike +, iPod, Apple TV, Beats and a wide range of accessories.

If your device doesn’t work properly (e.g. it turns off unexpectedly, battery life is drastically shortened, the phone has no network coverage or does not turn on), contact us, deliver the device personally or send it free of charge using the REPAIR tab.

The delivered product will be directed to our team of Apple Certified Technicians. The device will be diagnose in accordance to Apple procedures. If necessary, we will replace defective components. The device will receive the latest software. Service provider will notify the customer about the completed repair process.